Cricket Ethogram

Cricket Ethogram

Typical Behavior

  1. Eating: All crickets seemed to prefer the dog treat opposed to the potato and carrot. After 5 days, the potato and carrot were still untouched while the dog treat was almost gone
  2. Huddling: All crickets seemed to stay in a tight group; including eating together, sleeping together and drinking together
  3. Height: Crickets seemed to fight over who would be on the top of the dixie cup
  4. Warmth: When the crickets were exposed to a colder environment they would leave the top of the dixie cup and all huddle inside
  5. Energy: The crickets seemed to be almost lazy, staying in one position for a long period of time

Mobile Behavior

  1. Jumping: When the vessel that the crickets were kept in was moved, the crickets would jump as hard as they could at the top of the lid
  2. Mating: Male crickets were move their wings together trying to attract a mate and would get aggressive towards each other by jumping and using their legs
  3. Eating: Crickets seemed to be eating each other. When one cricket would die, the other crickets would feast on the body


  1. Why did all the crickets die in the overnight temps when their are still crickets out in the wild at night?
  2. Why do the crickets fight for who will be on top of the dixie cup?

Predictions (For Question 2)

  1. Crickets fight to be on top of the dixie cup to protect themselves from predators.
  2. When on tope of the dixie cup, they can see the predators coming.

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