Covid-19 and the Effect on Job Searching

This past month has been one of the most trying times in my entire life. I know that is kind of cliche to say but its the truth. Not only has been entire life been flipped on its head, but I have missed out on so many of my final moments as a senior in college. As someone who constantly has their entire life planned out, this entire pandemic has had a very negative impact on not only my future but my mental health as well.

One major aspect of my life that has been greatly effected is my ability to find a job. I had hoped to join a career within the biotech field after graduation. This field of science is already extremely competitive, and with the addition of Covid-19 it has limited the total number of jobs available. I have applied to close to 50 jobs in the last 2 months, starting a week before the pandemic started to current. I have not heard back from any jobs. This is not only a stressful situation, but it also starts to effect the total confidence that I feel as a scientist.

At the start I felt that this was an experience that I was going through by myself, but over the last two weeks, I have been reaching out to friends and family to see what there thoughts and feelings are through this. I found that I am far from going through this alone. I started finding comfort in those going through the same things as me and taking advice from those who got jobs/had jobs.

The number one thing I have heard is keep applying. A lot of companies have been deemed essential during this time and are still hiring. The second thing I have keep hearing is think about branching out. While I would love to work in the biotech field, that may not be in my immediate future. There is no shame in taking a temp job or a stepping stone job before you can get to something you really want. And finally keep a positive attitude. With everything going on in the world the only way that any of us are going to get through this is if we stay positive. Keep applying, know your self worth and go out into the world and kick ass. It may not happen the way you envisioned (at all) but everything happens for a reason.

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